Local Info

The map below shows all the communities for which real estate information is available.

Relocation Information

Before moving to a new area, you want to do your homework on the quality of life there. Below you can get an overview of all the different communities served on this site.

  • Kanata
  • Kanata, Beaverbrook
  • Kanata, Bridlewood
  • Kanata, Emerald Meadows
  • Kanata, Kanata Lakes
  • Kanata, Morgans Grant/Shirleys
  • Kanata, Soho West
  • Kanata. Glen Cairn
  • Nepean
  • Ottawa

School Information

The quality of a school can greatly influence home values in an area. As a local expert, I can connect you with a variety of resources that will help you evaluate area schools.